Welcome to my blog! I never really thought I would create a blog untill hubby set up a family one. I started posting to it and was told off for "hijacking" it with my "craft rubbish!" And so the Nerdbird Blog was born! Not sure how much I'll post but I understand that this blogging lark can be addictive!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

September Challenges on Just Bex

So I am still way behind on the challenges on Just Bex so I think I will just have to move onto October! Here are 2 from September that I finally got around to doing!
Firstly a LO which featuring Symmetry / Mirror Images.
Secondly a LO which was Black White with a splash of colour. The tags pull out to say who the baby is ,,, not going to dsay to keep you guessing (Mike got it wrong!)


Sue said...

had to comment ,,,,,

I LOVE the circle LO

you are one brave lady has made me cry

love as ever xxxxxxx

Lisa said...

Oh Steph, your LO is amazing. So beautiful and really special {hug}. As for spot the difference, I can't join in cos I already know the answer ;o) x

Em said...

Steph your first LO is so moving and so fab - you are an inspiration to us all xxx

As for the 2nd - OMG, shame on Mike that answer is WELL easy. I would tell you, but don't want to spoil it for others pmsl!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous LOs, Steph. The wedding one is so special. And as for your cherubs, awwwww