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Friday, 15 February 2008


My brother is having a bad day and he has written this poem, It is so beautiful and heart wrenching all in one go and I wanted to share it. I hate that he is hurting and I know I can't help, love you xxx

Cut me, and I would bleed for you
Push me, and I would fall for you
Place me on a ledge, and I would jump for you

But it won’t bring you back.

I could cry out loud for you
Thrash around and shout for you
Sit silently and stew for you

But it won’t bring you back

Let the tears fall, and let the sobs choke
Let the pain hurt me,
let my heart be broke

Because I can’t bring you back


knitkath said...

Wish I could give you both a real {{{hug}}}, that poem is heart rending, no words will make it easier!

Mary B said...

That is so beautiful, I know how writing poetry can help, it eases the pain to put into words in this way.
I have been there and have so many poems written when my husband was dying and after his death. I am so glad that your brother finds the ability to express himself this way. Tell him to continue with this it is therapeutic.
((((((((hugs)))))))) to you both.

Minty Magic said...
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Minty Magic said...

Steph, sorry I went to leave you a comment and suddenly a message I typed ages ago came up and posted it on to your site so I have deleted it.
I wanted to say what a beautiful poem your brother has written. Sending you a big hug xxx

Snake-Eyes Burt said...

thank you all for your kind words. I am extrememly pissed i as write this, so i'll keep it bref, suffice tosay your kind words make me feel like it was worth writing it, as it iwas only posted on my blog as a kind of therapy and never really meant for anyone else to see. Mary, my sister told me abot your husband and so your commetns meant so much more considering even in my darkest moments i probably do't understand what you've gone throuht. nayway, enough self pity, i'm now off to go out on my FUBAR mission. Peace love and hugs to you all, and feel free to poop over to my photo website whenever you want, i would love feedback vfrom someone other than my sister#!

Snake-Eyes Burt said...
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Susie Blackwell said...

That sent a shiver down my spine, fantastic words and a huge ((((((((((hug)))))))))))) for you both