Welcome to my blog! I never really thought I would create a blog untill hubby set up a family one. I started posting to it and was told off for "hijacking" it with my "craft rubbish!" And so the Nerdbird Blog was born! Not sure how much I'll post but I understand that this blogging lark can be addictive!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

What a difference a day makes!

Well I am back from New York - had a fab time. Weather was changable to say the least!

First picture is on the Thursday - day we arrived, in the cab on the way to the hotel
Central Park on Friday!
Making a snow angel! Never done one before and always wanted to!
Top of the Empire State Building on Sunday
Skating in Central Park on Monday


willowthewysp said...

WoW...some great photos! I would love to go to new york!

Mary B said...

Wow these are super photos, Love your snow angel one I want to do one.

Beejay said...

Great pics. What a change in the weather. Love the skating.LOL

Minty Magic said...
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Minty Magic said...

Looks like you had a great time. I am not really a fan of Americans but I do fancy NY.

Em said...

SERIOUSLY jealous of that snow!

Glad you had fun.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Some really fantastic photos there....looks like you had a really great time :)

Melissa said...

You looked like you had some fun! fab piccies :-)

Shirley said...

Looks like you hade great fun Steph.
Lovely selection of photos :)