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Thursday, 24 July 2008

365 Day Challenge 197 TO 206

Star signs
Prompt 206: Capricorn
Will is Capricorn but only just! He is quite practical and patient and I def find him very Humorous!
Prompt 205: Sagittarius
I like to think I am Optimistic, good-humored and Honest. I am quite Intellectual but I am Blindly optimistic
Prompt 204: Scorpio
I am emotional and I can also be obstinate too!
Prompt 203: Libra
I have a lot of these traits I am Diplomatic, Romantic, quite Easygoing and sociable
I am def Indecisive, Gullible and easily influenced. I can be a bit Flirtatious sometimes!
Prompt 202: Virgo
my brother is Virgo, he can be Modest and shy, and is reliable most of the time! He is Intelligent and analytical
He is a real worrier and can be a Perfectionist
Prompt 201: Leo
Mum was Leo. she was Generous and warmhearted, Creative, Broad-minded, Faithful and loving. She was very fiery and not afraid to speak her mind which did get her into trouble some times.
Prompt 200: Cancer
Mike is cancer, He is loving, Shrewd, cautious and Protective.
Prompt 199: Gemini
I do feel like I have a split personality - especially at the moment. I am creative but logical, sensible and rational but oversensitive and emotional
Prompt 198: Taurus
Dad and Ollie are both Taurus. Dad certainly has alot of taurean traits - Patient, reliable, determined,Placid and security loving.
Ollie is certainly determined! and for the most part really quite placid.
I'm pretty sure stubbornness is a taurean trait which Dad is (and my brother and I have inherited from him!)
Prompt 197: Aries
Well I am most def not an Aries! Enthusiastic at times but that is about it!


willowthewysp said...

Love your photos for these prompts!

knitkath said...

These are all great photos, well done!

malaryush said...

Some great photos - you have so much imagination !

Em said...

What a clever idea!

Will looks positively EDIBLE in that costume!