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Thursday, 3 July 2008

TDX Ch16

The challenge this week over at TDX was to do with Independence Day in the US. Well clearly we don't celebrated that! but it made me think about a poem that I wrote at school about WWI (I am really quite proud of this poem and have never forgotten about it) and I have been wanting to put it on LO for my BOM so this challenge seemed to fit it (well even if it doesn't it made me do the LO so I guess that is all that matters!)
(It is A4 sized - I really like what Al Edwards has done in her albums with the different sized pages so I am going to give it a go in my BOM)
Not sure if the words are that clear so here is the poem
Terrifying fear of the unknown
Noise echoing sound of guns and bombs
The call of death,
The ear-splitting silence.

Those dreaded words are coming,
Finally the three words pierce the air,
Falling out of the sgt. Majors mouth,
Hitting and hurting more than the bombs,
Over the top.

Over the top,
No man’s land,
Land of death,
Land of sorrow.

Now. This is the end,
The end of life,
The end of time,
The end of the long time suffering.

Maybe the death could have been worth it,
Maybe so many died for a reason,
And maybe in this land,
No mans land
The pain could have been worth it.

And there,
Where so many gave their lives,
Grows the flower that stands for life, death, sorrow and joy.
The one thing that marks the sacrifice,
The bloodshed,
The waste,
The Poppy.


Em said...

That made me cry :(

You are a bit clever Mrs - lovely poem.

Mary B said...

That is superb a brilliantly written emotional poem. I love it.