Welcome to my blog! I never really thought I would create a blog untill hubby set up a family one. I started posting to it and was told off for "hijacking" it with my "craft rubbish!" And so the Nerdbird Blog was born! Not sure how much I'll post but I understand that this blogging lark can be addictive!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Photo Shoot

Went to my brothers at the weekend and we had a bit of a photo shoot! I can confirm that you should n't work with children! My hat goes off to any child photographer out there - I think you really earn your money!

My brother was disappointed with the results ( did I meantion he is a perfectionist!) But I think we got some good ones - here are my favs


Mary B said...

Lovely photos of the boys

knitkath said...

They are great pics of the children!

malaryush said...

Tehy look great to me - and what wonderful charactures those boys seem to be

Shirley said...

You have definately got some great shots Steph in fact they are all GREAT shots.

Snake-Eyes Burt said...

You're right steph, they look better on the computer than my TV!!

Maybe i am gifter after all! ha ha