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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Scrapping from the inside out - Joy

So this months theme is Joy, and here are my LO's for the challenges
Pre-Kit Challenge - scrap a page about Joy using the colour that brings you joy
I glued lots of different chipboard fonts to the card and then painted over them all. I then journalled on some of them about the various things that bring me joy
Challenge 1: Scrap your guilt pleasure and use your scrapbook guilty pleasure.
Mine is Champagne and my scrapbook one is Thickers
Challenge 2: Scrap someone who brings you joy that is not your kids, spouse, pet etc
I love "Friends" it will alsways cheer me up
Challenge 3: Scrap someone who brings you joy, but you must be in the photo with them
Couldn't think of one so made a mini book
There was also a "progessive" challenge, where we were given 4 seperate tasks but spread out over time and you weren't allowed to look at the next stage until you had finished the previous one - IYSWIM!
Stage1: create a background using at least 3 PP or CS
Stage2: Add photos with at least one repeated
Stage3: Add title/journalling based on "Happiness is ..."
Stage4: Embellish but you must use 5 of the same thing.
Really enjoyed this!


Sue said...

Steph these are stunning I am loving them

clearly you have been neglecting those gorgoeus boys again!!


Mary B said...

Wow you did well if you had now idea what was coming next.