Welcome to my blog! I never really thought I would create a blog untill hubby set up a family one. I started posting to it and was told off for "hijacking" it with my "craft rubbish!" And so the Nerdbird Blog was born! Not sure how much I'll post but I understand that this blogging lark can be addictive!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

365 Day Challenge 329 to 332

Prompt 332: Laughter/laughing
Laughter is an audible expression, or appearance of merriment or happiness, or an inward feeling of joy and pleasureI have lots in my life that makes me laugh, the biggest being the boys. I love that Mike makes me laugh, big old belly laughs out of no where!

Prompt 331: Sad/Sadness
Sadness is an emotion characterized by feelings of disadvantage, loss, and helplessness. When sad, people often become quiet, less energetic, and withdrawn. Sadness is considered to be the opposite of happinessI have had my fair share of sadness in my life, especially since losing Mum. Sometimes it feels good to let it all out. Also I think it makes me who I am today.

prompt 330: Happiness/Happy
- Happiness is an emotion associated with feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense joyI like to think that for the most part I am a happy person, I certainly have a lot to be happy about. However I think you need the lows in life to appreciate the highs.

Prompt 329: If you woke up this morning, it's time to celebrate
Today I found the picture that Anna took at the retreat - a nice photo of me, reason enough to celebrate!


knitkath said...

Great pics capturing all the emotions!True that we need both the highs and lows in life to appreciate what we have!

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Fabby photos and now I have met you it is good to see your SP's and appreciate them even more IYKWIM!! Like your bits of journalling too

Shirley said...

loving all the SP's this week Steph you really have captured the emotions well.
Sometimes life gives us so much to deal with in one go. However, I am sure these difficult times allow us to appreciate the good ones even more.

Minty Magic said...

Lovely pictures Steph - you have definitely captured all the emotions.

Snake-Eyes Burt said...

wow, this last picture is probably one of the nicest pics i've ever seen of you sis....who took it?

Shame about the one above it! ha ha