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Friday, 13 March 2009

Bad Girls Feb Kit and another Challenge!

So another Challenge blog! Category Stories. The challenge was to create a LO using the idea of Precious things. I decided to go for those little things that really mean something to me.
Broomus: mum's teddybear
My comfort blanket: I have had it since I was 3
Bumbalion: The last christmas present from my grandad before he died
My earrings: Dad had the diamonds from Mum's engagement ring made into earrings for me for my birthday the year after Mum died
Grandad's blanket: He had this over his legs the last time I say him.
Thumper:He was my Nan's and for as long as I can remember I have loved him. He plays Brahams Lullaby,
Used the Feb SFIO kit

My Feb kit from Bad Girls finally arrived (Customs GRRRRRR!) Anyway Wendy (the Boss!) had made a lovely little Mini Book using one of the sheets of card and it inspired me to do mine. It's all my favourite stories and photos from my 3 years at University I practically used the whole kit! Now that is unheard of for me. I added the acrylic covers, cut the pages to different sizes. The ribbons sticking out of the top are all tags that are inbetween the pages with journalling on.
I had a great trip down memory lane and I am glad that all the photo's and stories and in the one place.


Sue said...

FANTASTIC you really are the queen of mini books - you think of so many fab subjects

As for the 'precious' LO I love it

Sarah said...

Loving the mini book Steph - fab as always!! xxxx

I thing the precious LO is perfect xx

stephanie said...

thanks for playing at CS. love your work :)

Sara said...

wow! Seriously love all that color! Thanks for playing at CS!

Summer Sunflower said...

The Uni mini book is so brilliant Steph! I just love the 'Precious' LO!!

Lee said...

LOVE your take on the Category - fantastic page. And your mini is totally rad! Thanks so much for joining in with us at Category STories!
Cheers, Lee :)

Amy said...

Wow! Love your Precious Things LO! I too have many little things that belonged to my mother and grandparents that I treasure! Love your take on this prompt! Thanks so much for playing along!