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Thursday, 8 October 2009

More Mixed Media Art

So the Sept challenge on Bad Girls is "Paint me Pretty" - basically use paint - alot. So here is my Canvas! Which is also for the latest challenge on Good Grief blog - which is to create something throught the eyes of a child.

When Mum died we told Will that she was in heaven which was up with the stars. This also made me think of a song from "Joesph"

"There's one more angel in heaven,
There's one more star in the sky,
There's one less place at our table,
There's one more tear in my eye."

And that was the inspiration for the canvas.
There's lots of paint, glimmer mist (my new fav thing!!), Ink and glitter.


Fay aka Beautifullily said...

The song excerpt sums it up perfectly, lovely little canvas

Jennifer said...

Wow - this is incredible! I love your take on the challenge, simply beautiful.

Amanda said...

Wow. This is awesome! Beautiful lyrics, too...thanks for sharing!!