Welcome to my blog! I never really thought I would create a blog untill hubby set up a family one. I started posting to it and was told off for "hijacking" it with my "craft rubbish!" And so the Nerdbird Blog was born! Not sure how much I'll post but I understand that this blogging lark can be addictive!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

She art 2

So I have just finished taking Christy Tomlinson's she art 2 online class, here are a few of my projects.
Getting more creative with hair and accessories

Then it was time to think outside the canvas! One of the things she did was to make a girl out of air dry clay.
I wasnt sure at first if i would be able to make one, but thought I'd give it a go. Here she is drying

And here she is finished! I have to say I am quite pleased! She's abit wide! But I am happy for a first go!

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