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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Will's Harry Potter Party

For Will's 7th Birthday he wanted a Harry Potter party. Well as I also love HP I was all for it. And after much internet searching (thank you Pinterest!) Here is what we ended up with!
Platform 9 3\4 brickwall door
Spell and potion books
Sorting Hat ceremony
Potions class
"Great Hall" with banners and floating candles
HoneyDukes sweet shop
Birthday cake (Harry's scar, layered in Gryffindor colours)
Owl Party gifts (all handmade by me! pattern is from Snowybliss)
We played pass the dragon egg, pin the scar on Harry and stupyfy and imobilus (musical bumps and statues!)

Each child had a broom and a cape, we made quills and played Quiditch.
I had sooo much fun and I think the kids did too.
Next year? bowling!

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